Engineering Media LLC is a consulting company founded in 2018 by me, Brian Douglas. I'm a control systems engineer based in Seattle, WA and I have a master’s degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (Dynamics and Controls) from the University of Southern California. Prior to starting this company, I spent 11 years at The Boeing Company developing satellite and aircraft guidance, navigation, and control systems and 4 years at Planetary Resources leading the ADCS and systems engineering team.

At Engineering Media LLC, I specialize in making complex ideas intuitive and easy to understand. Contact me if you are looking for general engineering consulting, for video or document creation, or for me to speak at your company or school.  Thanks for stopping by!

Workshops, Courses, and Talks


I've created a multi-day course and a few shorter talks that cover the basics of control theory, systems engineering, and scientific communication.  I would love to come speak at your company or university and help spread the excitement and passion I have for control engineering. Check out the Courses and Talks page and send me a message through the contact link if you are interested in booking something or would like more information. 

Looking for something that's a different length or topic?  Let me know! If it's within my expertise I may be able to help. 


I create videos on engineering - not the kind that you find on TV (World's most impressive engineering feats!) - but the kind that provides useful knowledge for people looking to enter the engineering field or are just looking to brush up on their skills. Most of my videos cover topics in control system theory, but I also like to talk about robotics and space systems too. Check out my YouTube channel.


Example video

A Real Control System - Design walkthrough!

Let’s design a control system the way you might approach it in a real situation rather than an academic one. In this video, I step through a control problem and show how control theory is intimately tied to all aspects of engineering. Plus there's real hardware too!

In addition to the videos I post to my channel, I also create videos for the MATLAB YouTube channel. You can find all of these videos here: More Videos



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Fundamentals of Control Theory

I'm writing an eBook. I started my YouTube channel because I was frustrated by the lack of straightforward and easy to understand videos on the topic and felt that what some students needed was a more practical and intuitive approach to understanding the material. This book is an extension of that idea. I’m releasing it under the Creative Commons License and giving the book out for free. 

Get it here! http://bit.ly/2XLlAKl


Contact Me

Send me a message if you are interested in my consulting or speaking services, or just want to say hi. I'd love to hear from you. Cheers!

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